Who are you?

Who, who? I really want to know.

But I’m a 30-something philosophy major who works in corporate America (for now) and I’m disgruntled. Hence the title.

What is this about?

It’s about looking at society, the economy, and sometimes theology through a mostly critical viewpoint.

Why though?

Because when I was a student in university studying philosophy it was easy to get involved in some pretty deep discussions on things the average person wouldn’t understand. Some people never leave the ivory tower and the reason they don’t is because the ivory tower is safe. The real world is dangerous, especially for philosophers. But we can sometimes offer a perspective that might help those in the real world. Or hurt them. Just really depends on the day.

Yeah, but really, why?

Because I have the best rants and I need a place to put them.

Are you a Communist?


Are you a Capitalist?

Absolutely not, hell no.

What do you believe then?

I’ll let you know once I figure it out.

Can’t even give an overview?

Fine. My beliefs are about as close to anarcho-socialism as you can get without actually being anarcho-socialist. I also like throwing a bit of monarchism in there for shits and giggles. Basically that’s distributism, but few people understand that term and the few that do typically have negative connotations with it, so, I avoid it.

Wouldn’t a real philosopher have a masters or a PhD?

Wouldn’t a real reader just shut the hell up?