With a rebel yell, Alabama cried “No Moore, Moore, Moore”

So Roy Moore lost last night and that’s kind of a big deal. The Republicans began asking a few years ago, via the Tea Party movement, “Just how disgusting does a candidate have to be before we lose?” Apparently they have to be at Moore’s level of disgusting; of pedophilia, racism, longing for the days of slavery, and bigotry. That’s an incredibly low bar, but hey, at least it’s a bar.

The above is, at least, the narrative being told. But it’s a false narrative because in the weeks leading up to the election Republican leadership embraced Moore as one of their own. The narrative that should be told is that Moore lost, or more importantly that Jones won, for three main reasons:

1)      The young (40 years and younger) vote in Alabama

2)      The black vote

3)      Republicans with a conscience

The Moore vote also points to a major problem in American culture, but at the same time gives us some hope. So let’s break this down.

Moore, even with the very credible accusations against him, still picked up 57% of college educated white women (77% of non-college educated white women). 62% of college educated white men went for Moore (79% non-college educated). 80% of self-identified “evangelical Christians” went for Moore. All told, 68% of white voters in Alabama went for Moore.

Moore, of course, had accusations leveled against him concerning pedophilia, openly spoke against Muslims taking public office, and longed for the days of slavery because at least people supported the family (the white family, of course, as black families were routinely broken apart). And 68% of white voters in Alabama were completely okay with this, because of abortion? Not exactly a pro-life stance to take, but whatever.

The positive news is this: 96% of Alabama’s black voters voted for Jones; so all of America should make sure to include Alabama’s black voters on their Christmas card list this year as one big thank you for saving the US from putting this man in the senate.

We also shouldn’t forget that 2% of Republicans wrote-in a candidate, because Moore was pretty disgusting. While 2% isn’t a lot, that also ignores how many Republicans just didn’t vote. So yes, Virginia, there is an ethical Republican…there’s a few, and they helped win the election for Jones and we should thank them for that.

The hopeful news here, too, is that voters aged 18-44 also voted for Jones (around 61%). For voting age that accounts for half; so there’s obviously some overlap on races and I’d be very curious to see the breakdown of white people under the age of 44 and how they voted, but it’s still a positive that it seems people under the age of 44 are done with politics as usual. They’re done with the far right. That 60% matches the young vote for people 44 and younger in almost all elections across the nation over the past two years, including the presidential election.

The hope here is that as the Baby Boomer voting demographic becomes the minority voting group, younger groups will begin adopting a more progressive voting standard. I think it means the final check on capitalism, the voters, are starting to gain more power as the Baby Boomers begin to lose the numbers. It means that corporate money and corporate interests mixed in politics has a natural limit, that limit being, “Hey, I’m tired of not making any money and having no economic future.” At the very least, it (hopefully) means younger voters are tired of the politics as usual system, where corrupt and disgusting politicians can no longer win an election where they should be a shoe-in.

Even in special elections held this year in 2017 we’re seeing very close contests in states that are traditionally red. While this has quite a bit to do with people reacting to Trump, what shouldn’t be ignored is that in some of these states Millennial and Gen X voters make up the majority of the voting base. Even in the presidential election, voters 45 and younger matched the Baby Boomers in terms of number of voters and as we all know Clinton won the majority number of votes (just not the Electoral College).

I don’t mean everyone will magically start voting Democrat, because that’s not a solution. What I do mean is that younger voters seem to be more socially conscience and actually want to make the world a better place rather than “Get mine and get out.” At least that’s how it seems now. Only time will tell if it stays that way or goes that way. But for now, at least we stopped an alleged pedophile and admitted racist from taking office. Take the wins when you can I guess?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What to do when your president thinks it’s 1492 and he’s King Ferdinand II and it’s time to finish the reconquista

Donald Trump did something on Twitter that was pretty disturbing. And that’s saying something, because almost everyday he’s doing something disturbing, but this really went for it. He decided to retweet three videos from the ethno-nationalist far-right group Britain First showing Muslims in a bad light. By “bad light” I mean it implied that all Muslims were blood-thirsty maniacs out to kill every infidel and everyone out there who isn’t them.

It’s one thing to retweet it, but the White House doubled-down and then went all in as the day wore on. The eternally frustrated – going by the eternal look on her face – Sarah “I Don’t Heart This” Huckabee Sanders said that even if the videos aren’t real it doesn’t matter, because the threat is real. No, seriously, I’m not shitting you. She basically said, “Yeah, even if there’s no evidence to support the threat is real, the threat is still real.” It’s President Baudrillard with Press Secretary Kafka up in here. BUT IT DIDN’T STOP THERE!

“Does President Trump think Muslims are a threat to the U.S.?” a reporter asked, in light of the president’s early-morning retweets.

Shah said, “The president has addressed these issues with the travel order that he issued earlier this year, and the companion proclamation. There are plenty of Muslim-majority nations whose citizens can come to the U.S. without travel restrictions. But those that pose public safety or terrorism threats, for our worldwide security review that was overseen by the Department if Homeland Security, is why there were certain travel restrictions put in place,” Shah responded.


The response is basically, “You’ve seen the travel ban, right?” Under any other administration the answer would have been, “No, Muslims are not a threat” and then N U A N C E would have been thrown in. But under this administration, oh hell no.

And the thing is, the videos aren’t even true. They’ve already been debunked. And retweeting Jayda Fransen would be akin to retweeting David Duke or Richard Spencer. It’s like Trump retweeting a far right leader in the US. It’s incredibly disturbing, upsetting, and sickening.

But what prompted this? Was there a terrorist attack? Did the president eat at a halal cart and get bad diarrhea the next day (and if he did, he better not blame the dude just south of his tower on 55th; he has the best halal in all of New York and I will die on that hill). Maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the Grand Jury holding off on Flynn since Mike Flynn is likely working on a plea deal with the special prosecutor.

Trump is shite at business, but he’s a master at branding, and his brand is being attacked and he can’t stop it. So what does he do? He goes back to the basics, and the basics here is some good ole’ fashion bigotry and xenophobia. Trump’s sudden attack on Muslims, I believe, stems from the fact that he realizes everything is starting to crumble around him.

Unfortunately, a lot of Americans out there are buying into it. This will build his political capital and make Reek the Republicans even more fearful to go against their master Ramsay Bolton president Donald Trump, meaning that if he finally decides to interfere with any investigations or prosecutions, Republicans will simply be too fearful to go against him. They’ll fear Trump’s influence over voters more than they respect the rule of law. If Trump decides to enact bans, who will stop him?

So for all that stuff we’ve said about how we would have marched in the 60s during the Civil Rights movement, or about how we would have stood against Hitler, or how we would have defended the Native Americans, or about how virtuous and right we would have been in the past…well, how about now? What if Trump gets bans passed? What if Trump is able to get laws passed against Muslims? What if the US begins to become less and less tolerant toward Muslims and all immigrants? Will you hide them? Will you protest? Will you stand up?

The only sure solution to any of this is to elect a party that isn’t beholden to the president come 2018. Look, I know that the Democrats aren’t the best, in fact, they suck. As far as efficiency goes, I’d trust organizing an event to an Italian bureaucrat before trusting it to an American Democrat. But they’d uphold the rule of law over Trump because they have a political interest in doing so. The DNC desperately needs to be reformed. They need better candidates, a better economic approach, a better everything. But they’re also the only ones who can stop our government from spiraling out of control come 2018. I’ve never endorsed one party over another (in general; obviously not on here, this thing is brand new) because I really, really, really can’t stand the Democrats at a national level. But I’ll be voting Democrat and you should too, for the simple reason that it could stop our nation from sliding into further madness (well, Trump madness; it’ll just be a different, but more manageable madness with less existential angst under the Democrats).